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Still Struggling To Get To The Magical $10,000 Per Month

In Your MLM or Home Business?

So lets talk business models here for a moment.

Ask yourself this…….

What would your life be like if you really hit a home run this year?

What would it feel like to actually have control of your financial destiny?

Well join us on this special webinar about business models and find out….

  • What building strategies you need to employ to get there
  • The different business models that you can use to achieve your financial objective this year!
  • The one simple business model tweek that you can use to increase your business profit this year by over 900%

Warning! This Video May Be Removed At Any Time

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Top Tier MLM – The Direct Sales Model

What Is A Top Tier MLM business Model?

Top Tier What?…….

Standard MLM – The Slow Ticket To Wealth


Enter Top Tier MLM or Top Tier Direct Sales

Top Tier Direct Sales – The Critical Advantage

Many programs will pay anywhere from 50% to even 100%

Why have I never heard of Top Tier Direct Sales?


The Secret of Top Tier MLM

Top Tier MLM Products

Product Levels on many of the Top Tier MLM programs start at $500 and go up from there.

The Top Tier MLM Compensation Plan

The Top Tier MLM System Integrated Marketing Enginelead generation 650-558

You get my drift here…

  • the more leads…
  • the more prospects
  • the more sales
  • the more income


What Is The Top Tier MLM Secret?

Check out my Test Drive of this Top Tier MLM Program Below


Click Video Below To Play

My Test Drive Of This Business Model  Is Complete…

It Generated Over $20,000 Income In 3 Weeks

Using An Out Of The Box System

And Cold Leads….

Jump On This While Its Still Available!

Top Tier MLM

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So where do you want your “New Year” sent?

So how are you going to use yours? Any plans?

Well as you are pondering your “Resolutions” for the coming year here is a thought.

Like the famous saying by comedian Jonathan Winters

“If your ship doesn’t come in, swim out to meet it!”

Success in life is all about taking action, in every moment of every day.

So let’s make that our resolution

As the ancient Romans used to say, “Carpe diem”

“Seize the Day!”

Click the image below to see

Becoming a teacher

What a deal! I mean how can you beat that?

Good grief and I thought only politicians did that talking out of both sides of your mouth stuff.

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Error Messages Part 1

Not for Inodes….

So at least with the inode issue it turned out that unlimited was not actually unlimited.

So I did manual backups one a week, no big deal.

That was until the next issue…

Error Messages Again…

When I contacted support they said that I had too many processes running on my web pages?

So I told the tech guy… “Hey I thought I had unlimited?”

And he said I did, except for that…..

Ah ha!

I think I am beginning to catch on…

So this was another case of unlimited not really being unlimited….

Deceptive little critters those alligators….

…. Or something like that

Or I had to find the websites that were the worst offenders and somehow fix them?

I have to point out here that I am only sort of tech proficient and have no desire to be more that.

That is a happy problem by the way…

So I decided to move  it over to a new C panel hosting account I had just setup on Godaddy..

How To Move Your WordPress Blog To A New Host

So the adventure began….

So here is what you do to move your WordPress blog to another host

Move Your WordPress Blog Step 1 

Move Your WordPress Blog Step 2

Export your MySql database that is attached to your blog

Move Your WordPress Blog Step 3  

Setup an add on domain on your new web host and then upload all WordPress files to your new site

Move Your WordPress Blog Step 4

Move Your WordPress Blog Step 5

Change the name servers for your blog to point to your new hosting company

Boom! You’re done! 

Simple yes?


…..OMG what did I do to my blog??


So here is the more detailed version on how to move your WordPress blog to a new host

Move Your WordPress Blog Step 1

Spam Comments: Delete all spam comments and empty trash in commenting

Move Your WordPress Blog Step 2

Export your MySql database that is attached to your blog

Move Your WordPress Blog Step 3  

Move Your WordPress Blog Step 4

Move Your WordPress Blog Step 5

Change the name servers for your blog to point to your new hosting company

Now if you have done all this step by step your blog should work perfectly on the new site.


Move Your WordPress Blog Error Messages?

If it still gives you problems then uninstall again and use a different Caching program


Happy Blogging


Move Your WordPress Blog

Livros de augusto cury o vendedor de sonhos

The one day a year all fathers can sit back and bask in the glory of a job well done…..

Well maybe

If you are a dad you probably know where I am going with this right?

Being a Dad can be incredibly frustrating…..

Well you just have not been there yet

So what is it about us and learning that sometimes make the lessons so difficult?

Well you probably know how that turned out…..

This is a re-post of a previous blog article

Well it was a combination of things that caused my train of thought to move in this direction.

Like captain Piccard in Star Trek “The Next Generation” used to say……….

“Make it so number 1”



I am totally awed… What a guy!




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There was only the shining example of his life and the very clear lesson he left me with.

Yes you can….

He never told me what to do, he just showed me what was possible.

I thank God for my father and for the possibilities in life….

In short he worked his butt off to develop his acting skills.

I guess my message here is that you probably wonder if success is really worth the journey…..

Well I smile as I write this….

I think you can see what’s in my heart


Great Words From Actor Will Smith

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Leads, Leads, Leads….. Where can I find some MLM leads?….

Honestly I am sick of hearing this.

You just have to know a few tricks…..

Here is a very good one I recently came across, so I put it to the test!

MLM Leads On Autopilot

Before I go there let me give you a little coaching first……….

I have also watched team members struggle and fail……

So what is the difference in success and failure in the home business or MLM market?

MLM Leads….

Why do some make a killing in MLM and some never make it?

There are actually 3 simple reasons that set these groups apart

  • Understanding – The successful people understand that MLM is a numbers game of the highest magnitude and as long as you push a high enough volume of leads to your website you pretty much can’t miss. It’s all in the numbers. The people that fail never seem to get a grip on that one simple fact, and they think that talking to a few people a day is going to do it for them. WRONG! It only takes a few key people a day to make a successful business but to get to the gold you need to sift down through hundreds


  • Realistic Business Plan – Successful people know that there is probably a learning curve and don’t expect success overnight and are willing to stay on track to make it happen. Failures give it their best 3 days or until they have been through 25 leads or so. Once again they just do not have a feel for the numbers


  • Adequate Lead Flow – Does it seem like this is a reoccurring theme? It is, success is volume related —- PERIOD!  The average failure does not CONSISTENTLY push a high lead flow where the successful person quickly tracks down several avenues of lead generation and then automates it so that they have CONSISTENT, high lead flow.

all for about 8 cents a lead.

Click The Video Below To Learn More!



MLM Leads

Easter egg


Was it brilliant marketing, MLM Magic,  or just paint by the numbers?

but truthfully,  It’s All about understanding a few tricks and using the right system!

before I even counted my paychecks from the MLM company I was building….

Sound like magic? Well it is in a way….

Well maybe…..

The truth is that there really are no secrets….

Well let me rephrase that

MLM Sponsoring – The Numbers Game

“Yes Marc! I see what you are talking about and I want in!”

MLM Sponsoring – Your Target Market

“…. so Marc who actually sells the product?” Or 

“…. this sounds like a pyramid scheme!”


MLM Sponsoring – Using Automation

“Twenty Seven Thousand, Three Hundred and Ninety Seven Years (27,397 years)

MLM Sponsoring – The Success System

Let me sum up what you need for massive MLM success…..

  • Step by Step training on “Marketing Strategies” that teach you how to tap your target market
  • A High lead flow
  • A High converting web based Funded Proposal System that uses automation and technology to do your sifting and sorting for you 24 hours a day

Click on the video below to review the free training


MLM Sponsoring

Ar rahman tamil s

So where do you want your “New Year” sent?

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So how are you going to use yours? Any plans?

Well as you are pondering your “Resolutions” for the coming year here is a thought.

Like the famous saying by comedian Jonathan Winters

“If your ship doesn’t come in, swim out to meet it!”

Success in life is all about taking action, in every moment of every day.

So let’s make that our resolution

As the ancient Romans used to say, “Carpe diem”

“Seize the Day!”

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Still searching for Network Marketing Success?


Exciting thought isn’t it?

Beach party free game


MLM Success If you can dream it you can achieve it

I mean there can’t really be more to the MLM success equation that that correct?

Ah yes, the days of blissful ignorance………….

Well I’m wandering here, back to death of a dream…


The smell of money was in the air!

Then suddenly, the dread question reared its ugly head.

They asked me what I thought about their company and their chances for success.



My MLM Is Better Than Yours

Now I learned many years ago never to rain on someone’s parade.


MLM Success The Painful Truth

The Critical MLM Success Factors


The MLM Black Hole Effect

I told him relax, to take two aspirin and lay down for a while and it would pass.

The Hidden Success Potential of MLM Deals


The Hidden MLM Success X Factors

MLM Success X Factors – Product Type & Growth Dynamics


The Role Of MLM Product Types In The MLM Success Equation

The reason for this is inherent in the growth dynamics of the business model itself.

MLM Income Steams The Real Truth


MLM Success – Product Types

  • Skin Care Personal Care

  • Nutritional

  • Technology


MLM Product Types – The Time Factor

Case Study 1

Skin Care/Personal Care

Visual – Emotional – Consumable Products


MLM Product Types – Product Ordering Longevity


Case Study 2

Nutritional Products: Consumable Products

Now a word about attrition here….


MLM Product Types – The Nutritional Gotcha!


MLM Déjà Vu – Been there done that, no thanks

adini kalbime yaz remix
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MLM Technology Products – Consumable Products

But think about that, technology changes so rapidly, no one has a lock on that market.

When the price shifts or newer sexier technology comes along, you’re done!

Enough said

So what is a hard working MLM Success seeker to do?

Well in my humble opinion you have 2 choices:

  • Build fast or

  • Change Your Business Model


The Truth & Illusion Of Network Marketing

The illusion of Walk Away Residual income…….


Sorry this is a business and you are going to have to run it and keep building.


MLM Success – Business Models & Growth Dynamics


Growth Dynamics & The Momentum Growth Curve


MLM Momentum Growth – The Fast Track



Now this S shaped growth curve is a fact of life for all companies not just MLM’s.

 Register For My MLM Business Models Webinar Below and Learn The Real Truth About MLM Success


MLM Success

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  • Critical Online MLM Success Error #1 

Using a Direct Approach (Also known as the Pit Bull on the throat approach)


  • Critical Online MLM Success Error #2

Not Building A List (Auto-responders)

How stupid is that?????

I mean come on Marc, use the head boy! 

Just because they are not interested today….

how about tomorrow??

Or maybe Thursday??


Anyway I shot this short video today to give you a little FREE coaching on how not to sink your business online..

Check it out! 

Online MLM Success – Avoiding The Critical Errors